Do you need assistance with a dental legal issue?

Do you believe that the work that your dentist has performed on you is of substandard quality ? Do you suffer from multiple failing root canals? Infected dental implants? Dental surgeries that have caused severe damage, or permanent numbness? Large bridges that are relatively new and have failed?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then contact us and let us help you.

I have been in the practice of dentistry for 35 years. I have spent my dental career trying to provide the highest quality of dentistry possible to my patients. Unfortunately I cannot say that this is true for all dentists. I have also as a consumer, been completely frustrated in trying to find resolution to problems with something I have purchased. Bringing these two issues together brought me to the creation of the Dental Legal Connection.

Our job is to help frustrated patients, like you, find their way through the complicated procedure of getting resolution to correcting their inferior dental work. 

If, after reading about our services, you believe we can help you, then contact us and get the professional help you need!